Lev'sonic, LLC provides a personalized, unique communication platform for professionals in the field through a smart Virtual Assistant

Smart Speech Assist

Lev'sonic is developing a software platform to assist Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) with more client interactions during their therapy time and outside the clinic. The proposed platform uses Artificial Intelligence to generate exercises, assess the client’s performance, and will have a user interface for both the client and the clinician. SSA increases the practical training time for patients through home assignments and it addresses the difficulty for rural and other home-bound patients to pursue therapy in the intervening time between clinician visits.

Lev Lab Assist

Research studies have confirmed that the 16 million manufacturing, medical, scientific and engineering professionals employed in the US, spend well over 33% of their time transcribing and annotating required digital and handwritten reports at an estimated cost of more than $36,000 / year / employee. Levsonic, LLC is bringing to scientific and technical manufacturing market, a mobile wearable virtual assistant platform. Our human-machine interface capable of translating technical vocal annotations into digital text and converting dictation into ISO certified documents.


Captiv8™ is a new virtual assistive robotic technology that functions as a companion, providing psycho-social support to persons with AD and ADRD by enhancing mood, social connection and communication. The proposed innovation utilizes Artificial Intelligence that provides a personalized engaging interface for early AD or ADRD patients.